Article 1. The purpose of this ordinance is to establish basic principles concerning peace administration in Nakano City, to promote peace-related projects, and to secure funds for such endeavors, thereby contributing to the care and improvement of the rich and peaceful lives of Nakano City residents.

Basic Principles

Article 2. Based on the spirit of the Proclamation in Support of the Constitution of Japan and Our Nuclear-free City Declaration (stated separately)、 which express the city residents'desire for world peace, Nakano City is striving to implement lasting peace, the basic idea of the Constitution of Japan, and to promote peace administration so that its residents can pursue their fundamental human rights and lead fulfilling lives within a peaceful and safe environment.

Promotion of Peace Projects

Article 3. Nakano City shall implement the following projects (hereinafter referred to as "Peace Projects") to promote peace administration.

  1. Publicizing of the significance of peace as stipulated in the Constitution of Japan.
  2. Gathering and provision of information regarding peace.
  3. Exchanges related to peace with cities in both Japan and abroad.
  4. Other projects deemed necessary by the mayor of Nakano City in accordance with the spirit of this ordinance.

Establishment of the Fund

Anicle 4. The Nakano City Peace Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund") shall be established in order to secure the financial resources necessary for Peace Projects.

Amount of Fund

Article 5. The basic amount of the Fund is 100 million yen.

Administration of the Fund

Article 6. The cash in the Fund must be maintained by the safest and most profitable means, such as deposit in a financial institution.

2. These monies may be converted into the safest and most profitable securities as the need arises

Handling of Profits from the Operation of the Fund

Article 7. Profits that arise from the operation of the Fund shall be calculated in the general accounting estimates of revenues and expenditures and shall be transferred to the Fund.

2. The mayor can appropriate either the whole or part of the Fund, as stipulated in the preceding section, as a financial resource to meet the expenses of the Peace Projects.

Operation of the Fund by Transfer

Article 8. When the mayor deems it financially necessary, s/he can withdraw and use the cash in the fund by transferring it to the yearly account after determining the safest means, the period and the interest rate on the principal withdrawn from the Fund.

Appropriation of the Fund

Article 9. ln addition to the provisions in Article 7, Section 2, the mayor may appropriate the whole or part of the Fund only as a financial resource for the implementation of Peace Projects.

Public Announcement of Peace Projects

Article 10. Each year, the mayor must publicly announce to city residents the details of the Peace Projects, as well as the expenses involved and Fund operations.


Article 11. The mayor shall decide necessary items related to the implementation of this ordinance separately.

Supplementary Provisions

This ordinance shall be effective from the day of promulgation.


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