About Nakano City

更新日 2014年11月11日

As of November 1 2014

The Name of the City

Japan, Tokyo-to, Nakano City

Number of Household



317,035 (Japanese: 304,768 Male: 153,602 Female: 151,166/ Foreigner: 12,267 Male: 6,115 Female: 6,152)


15.59 square kilometers

Population Density

20,335 people in 1 square kilometer


Nakano City is located in the western part of Tokyo.  Its area consists 2.51% of that of 23 Cities of Tokyo.  It is large in the 14th out of 23.
Its altitude is 20~50 meter tall and it has 5 rivers and 5 tablelands.
For its population, Twenties and Thirties such as students and young workers take a high ratio.


Since Nakano City has been developed mainly as residential area, we don't have a large number of companies in this City.  The third industry such as commerce, service business plays a big part of its industry which is directly connected to our daily life.

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